Pulsen Production and Shibuya Crossing merge into joint company

– a leading company for business-critical IT solutions in Sweden formed


IT operations company Pulsen Production and data center expert Shibuya Crossing has merged into a new company - Shibuya, part of Pulsen. Together they become one of the leading companies for business-critical IT solutions in Sweden. Shibuya will also be a prominent long-term partner to suppliers like IBM and to customers who depend on stabile, modern and secure systems for their businesses.

Martin Troede, vd på Pulsen Production och Kjell Olsson, vd på Shibuya Crossing

It is now official that Pulsen Production and Shibuya Crossing come together in a joint company, after having sealed the deal earlier this week between the owners of Pulsen Group, Pulsen Production and the four co-owners of Shibuya Crossing.


“Both Shibuya Crossing and Pulsen Production are continuously looking for new ways to evolve as companies and in our services on the market. With this merger we will become a stronger partner to our customers - both regarding data centers and services for communication, support and much more. As companies we complement each other well, and by joining forces we open new possibilities for our customers and for our coworkers”, comments Kjell Olsson from Shibuya Crossing.


“Apart from complementing services and business areas, we also have very similar corporate cultures and values, based around entrepreneurship in IT. That’s why this merger feels very natural to us”, comments Martin Troede from Pulsen Production.


“Together we will be one of the major players on the market for business-critical IT in Sweden. Both companies have built long and close relationships with our customers. We are now able to deepen those relationships further and become an even stronger partner to clients depending on stabile, modern and secure IT solutions for their businesses. We will also strengthen our cooperation with IBM as we now become their largest partner in the Swedish partner channel. Our customers have extreme demands on accessibility and performance, and together with IBM we show that our solutions outperform other solutions for business-critical IT time and time again”, continues Martin Troede.


The new company will be called Shibuya and be part of the Pulsen Group. They will have around 120 employees and a joint revenue of over 300 Million Swedish Krona. Martin Troede, currently CEO at Pulsen Production AB, will be named CEO of the new company. The four co-owners of Shibuya Crossing – Kjell Olsson, Mikael Johansson, Christian Wibeck and Stefan Wennergren - will become co-owners of Shibuya and continue their operative engagement in the new company. Henrik Sund, who has long experience from the IT and telecom field, will be named Chairman of the board.


“I think this will be very exciting. We have all requirements in place to do a really good job going forward, and to shake up the market a bit. We will, for instance, have greater muscles when it comes to the IBM Power platform – both in lines of greater and broader knowledge of the hardware and of additional services. As a company we will also have a larger geographical spread by combining Pulsen Productions’ hold in West Sweden with Shibuya Crossings’ in the eastern part of the country. The result will be a stronger company on many levels”, comments Henrik Sund.


Shibuya was formed in March 2020 by a merger between Pulsen Production and Shibuya Crossing, and is one of the leading companies for business-critical IT in Sweden. The company delivers services in data center infrastructure and IT operations, secure communication solutions, 24/7 service and support, cyber security solutions, application and third-party maintenance. Shibuya has strategic partnerships with leading suppliers and reference solutions with many of the most demanding IT operations in the private and public sector in the Nordics. The largest and most strategic partner is IBM. The IBM platform is synonymous with outstanding performance and stability, which is the foundation of any delivery to customers with business-criticial IT needs. Shibuya is certified according to ISO 14001, 9001 and 27001. Shibuya is part of the Pulsen Group.


Head office:

Nils Jakobsons gata 5
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Head office:

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Borås, Sweden

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Phone: +46 (0)33-17 18 00

E-post: info@pulsen.se

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