IBM fintechx

A generative AI program for European fintechs

IBM fintechx

A generative AI program for European fintechs

Program is live!
Projects outcome to be shared at Demo Day. Register your interest here.

Led by IBM Innovation Studio Stockholm, IBM fintechx is a program built on the experiences from collaborating with 100+ startups. You will benefit from co-creating with IBM's top tech talent on watsonx, our generative AI and data platform.

Program Participants


Asteria, Stockholm/Sweden

Smart cash flow forecasting helping SME's make well-informed decisions and unlock new opportunities.

Edger Finance

Edger Finance, Stockholm/Sweden

An investment intelligence platform for improved stock picking + investor relations portal for small cap noted companies.


Esgaia, Sweden

A platform for investment stewardship data management.


Finterai, Oslo/Norway

Optimizing AML systems through collaboration - without ever sharing your data.


Flowpay, Prague/Czech Republic

A technology provider to small and medium size enterprises with short and medium-term financing opportunities for their activities., Malmö/Sweden

OXOGEN - a personalized investment opportunity feed for next-generation financial investors.

Trust Anchor Group

Trust Anchor Group, Sweden

Digital asset management based on physical assets that includes services for creation, identity management and payments.

benefits and outcomes

Differentiate with IBM experts

Business- and technology validation of selected generative AI use case.

Run a design and development sprint with local IBM coaches.

Find clients and investments

Share findings and promote fintech to potential banking clients and fintech investors.

1:1’s with program partners looking for collaborations. Present on stage to Swedish banking industry.

Elevate your brand

PR and online promotion during program period.

European and global marketing upon program completion.


Program partners and panel members

Ulrika Valassi
Board Member,
Ålandsbanken & Sparbanken Sjuhärad

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Sebastian Green
Chief Product Officer,
Resurs Bank

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Erik Jonsson
Certified Innovation Leader,

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Niclas Södergård
Chief Executive Officer,

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Armando Coppola
Partner & Fund Manager,

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Mats Holmfeldt
Chairman and Founder,

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Evita Stoop
Executive Director Client Engineering,

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Austin Flon
Portfolio Development Leader,
IBM Ventures

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Applications for IBM fintechx are now closed.

Program participants will be announced during the kick-off event 14-15 Nov 2023.


Is the application to IBM fintechx still open?

No, the application period ended 13 Oct.

Why should I participate in IBM fintechx?

To differentiate your existing service by building a generative AI use case on top together with IBM coaches. Meet 1:1 with potential clients and investors.

Who should apply?

European fintechs with traction from at least a few clients, VC funding and the ambition to elevate your offering with generative AI.

Who is ineligible to apply?

Companies with HQ outside of Europe. If you are outside of Europe and interested to join, please send us an email. More programs are in consideration for 2024.

How will my application be evaluated?

You will be evaluated against our program partners business interests, program base criteria (see Who should apply?), impact and business fit of your generative AI use case candidate(-s).

What if my startup is based outside Sweden?

All fintechs with European based HQ are more than welcome!

Is the accelerator virtual or in person?

Our venture development program is mainly virtual with two mandatory face to face opportunities that we expect participants to benefit extra from: 1) kick-off (meeting coaches and partner, validate use case and and set your plan) and 2) Demo Day (share solution and pitch yourself to more potential clients).

What if I can’t make the in-person events?

We will consider exceptions but expectation is for all participants to join the in-person gatherings.

What do I need to participate in the program?

One or several use-case candidates to further enhance your service using generative AI. Team bandwidth to meet program commitments (see What’s the time comittment).

Do I need experience with IBM watsonx to apply?

No, onboarding introduction will be included in preparing for development sprint work. Experience with machine learning and data pipelines is beneficial though.

What does the program consist of?

The program consist of three main parts: 1) generative AI use case validation, 2) a 4 week joint development sprint, and 3) client conversations with program partners. In addition, you will receive information on how collaborating with IBM looks like and what to expect as a commercial partner.

How will I get matched with a mentor?

We will assign you 2 coaches from IBM in AI/tech and business whom you’ll meet during program kick-off days in Stockholm.

What’s the time commitment?

4 whole days onsite in Stockholm, 2 days each for kick-off and Demo day. During the 10 week period, we will run a joint 4 week fulltime development sprint with your team (min 2 people). Remaining period you can expect 4-16h per week for business- and general tech related topics.

When is the deadline to apply?

We will receive and read applications until October 13th.

What information do I need to submit my application?

Presentation (1-3 pages ) describing the use case(-s) considered to be realized with generative AI. Company presentation (investment pitch deck) with team, traction, solution and a 6-12 month business plan.

After I submit my application, what else takes place during the approval process?

We invite shortlisted candidates to a 45min online meeting to review your material provided and invite to any questions you might have.

Will the program cost me equity in my company?

No equity or fee is charged for participation. Only a founder friendly program plan, stating the mutual expectations of participation in writing.

What can I expect to achieve after the program?

Get a potential client among our bank program partners or investment from our VC partners. Participants who continue the development of their generative AI feature using IBM watsonx will get appointed a success manager from IBM or one of our ecosystem partners. In addition, you will receive invitations to feature your company by IBM marketing.

Why is IBM launching this accelerator?

We want to help and encourage open and trustworthy use of foundation models in an important industry to us.

I've got a question, who can I ask?

Go ahead and drop us an email at

Program partners

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